What we do

We plan, create, connect and engage.


Communications and Marketing

solid internal and external communications and marketing strategies are a must.

We’re here to execute the strategies for as long as you need, but our goal is to give you the skills, resources and confidence to succeed without us.

  • Two-way communications strategy and planning

  • Community and stakeholder engagement

  • Internal communications

  • Content creation


Running a large-scale, high-profile event can work wonders for your profile, reputation and relationships.

Whether a formal opening, ministerial visit or civic community event, our experienced team can manage the entire process from strategy and planning, right through to implementation.

We have a strong commitment to tikanga Māori and have experience running events with cultural components.

Plus, we can bring you along for the ride so you learn the skills to pull it off again on your own.


Public Relations

Building positive relationships and valuable connections are at the heart of successful public relations.

We use our strategic influence and strong networks to showcase your organisation to the right people - in an authentic way – that achieves your objectives.

  • PR strategy and planning

  • Relationship management

  • Media relations

  • Social media management

  • Reputation and crisis management

Project Management

sometimes you just need an expert to come in and take charge of your entire project.

It feels good knowing it’s all in hand and you’ve got the right people, with the right skills and networks, keeping you on track.

We can do just that, managing every stage along the way. 

Education and training

As a sustainable communications agency, our goal is to set you up for the future.

We’re here to upskill you and provide you with the direction, resources and templates you need so you can feel confident to take the wheel. We offer one-on-one and group training, guest lecturing and conference speaking. Training topics can be tailored to your needs.

After something else?

These are our core services but we’re pretty good at most things comms-related. We also work with wonderful partners who are experts in everything from web design to photography, and more. Give us a call to discuss your needs and we can chat about how we can help.

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