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The Kiwi Driver Fund has been helping promising Kiwi drivers to take part in the Toyota Racing Series since 2015. The Toyota Racing Series is the highest level of open wheel racing in New Zealand, developing a reputation as a training ground for aspiring Formula 1 drivers from around the world.  

The road to Formula 1 is expensive, and the Toyota Racing Series is no exception, something that can be challenging for young Kiwis. To ensure our drivers had the opportunity to compete on the world stage - the Kiwi Driver Fund was established in 2015, giving young Kiwis the financial boost they need to take part in the series. 

With the support of high-profile sponsors, including Hampton Downs, Highlands Motorsport Park, Post Haste, Toyota New Zealand, and Michelin - the Fund had been successful in its mission but was struggling to gain new sponsors and stand apart from the Toyota Racing Series as a distinct brand. 


Our job was to tell the Kiwi Driver Fund’s story. We created a website and social media accounts, profiles for past recipients and current sponsors, developed collateral for the hospitality suites and hosted potential sponsors during the five-week-long series. 


Luckily for us, both of the 2019 Kiwi Driver Fund recipients stole the show, placing first and second in the New Zealand Grand Prix and the overall championship - generating a massive amount of buzz about the talent on our little island. 

There were hundreds of views of the new Kiwi Driver Fund website after its launch and throughout the series. The site continues to draw views even after the season has finished. The aim of the site is to raise the profile of the Kiwi Driver Fund to attract potential sponsors and find New Zealand’s rising motorsport stars. We look forward to seeing this continue to grow.

The Facebook page grew quickly, with one popular post reaching almost 25,000 users with almost 10,000 video views in the first three days after posting.

Mentions of the Kiwi Driver Fund were made during live coverage of the races, which was broadcast around the world, as well as featured in print and online motorsport media coverage.

Discussions are under way with potential sponsors - and we hope to build momentum in 2020.

Learn more about the Kiwi Driver Fund here.

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